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Debt Buying:

We understand the day to day struggles of businesses and bad debtors are among the worst.

Bad debts are the bane of business. You agree on the price, you provide goods or services and the debtor fails to pay. Meanwhile, you have out of pocket expenses associated with the supply. 

The cost of recovery of the debt can be prohibitive. 

The uncertainty and stress of going to Court can be a barrier to filing proceedings. 

Imagine being able to outsource it all. The cost. The risk. The uncertainty and the stress. 

We provide that solution to businesses in New Zealand who wish to sell their debt to us.

We are based in Auckland but buy debts New Zealand wide. 

When we buy your debt, we take on ALL of the cost and risk associated with collecting payment from your debtor.

We have a team that specialises in the collection of debts and we work with specialist Lawyers to get the job done. 

Never write off a debt without first assessing whether it is capable of being purchased by us. 

What is Debt Buying?

You could choose not to sell your debt.

You could instruct a Lawyer to pursue it for you. For example, we partner with Norling Law who are experts in resolving disputes and getting their clients paid. 

You could engage a debt collector to send letters, call the debtor or perform a visit to their home. 

If that doesn’t work, you could write off the debt, like many New Zealand business owners. 

Alternatively, you could SELL your debt to us. 

When we BUY a debt, we purchase all of your rights to receive payment. 

When we buy a debt, we then incur all of the cost and risk associated with collecting the debt. 

We have many models of purchase available depending on the quantum of the debt and the likely complexity of collecting the debt. 

What is the Process?

We understand that if you have resorted to selling your debt, the debtor may be resilient and has been comfortable avoiding their obligations. 

You may have already tried to collect the debt by using a debt collector. You may have engaged a debt collection lawyer. It may have been expensive or ineffective. 

As such, we do not expect the collection of the debt to be easy.

We prefer not to ‘muck around’ with your debtor. 

We want to send a clear message that we are serious. 

As such, our reputation is that we send an initial letter to your debtor and if they do not meaningfully engage to resolve the debt, we commence legal proceedings at Court. 

Once the judgment is obtained we will obtain orders to sell any valuable property that the debtor owns and if that is not sufficient we will bankrupt or liquidate the companies. 

At every stage, we are ready and willing to settle the debt amicably. But the debtor must appreciate that we will not be unduly delayed and as such we must proceed to use the Court processes to collect the debt. 

How do you Sell a Debt to us? 

Before we will buy your debt, we need to conduct due diligence on the debt and debtor to ensure that the debt is collectable.

We may need to assess:

  • The Contract between you and your debtor;
  • The invoices issued to your debtor. 
  • Correspondence that has exchanged between the parties. 

Once we have completed our due diligence, we will make an offer to you. This will be based on our analysis of the cost and risk of pursuing the debtor together with an analysis of the likely recovery. 

If we can both agree on the sale of the debt, we will present you with formal legal documents that implement a legal transfer of the debt to us.​

What do you do Next?

If you are owed a debt from a debtor or multiple debtors, apply now to sell the debt or the book of debts to us. 

Once reviewed we will respond (normally within 24 hours) with either:

  • An offer to purchase; 
  • A request for further information; or
  • A decline to buy. ​

​By submitting the application, you are not selling your debt(s) to us.

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