90 NINE problems, but a debtor ain’t one.

You could choose not to sell your debt.

You could instruct a Lawyer to pursue it for you. For example, we partner with Norling Law who are experts in resolving disputes and getting their clients paid. 

You could engage a debt collector to send letters, call the debtor or perform a visit to their home. 

If that doesn’t work, you could write off the debt, like many New Zealand business owners. 

Alternatively, you could SELL your debt to us. 

When we BUY a debt, we purchase all of your rights to receive payment. 

When we buy a debt, we then incur all of the cost and risk associated with collecting the debt. 

We have many models of purchase available depending on the quantum of the debt and the likely complexity of collecting the debt. 

Apply now to see if we will buy your debts and take over the cost and risk of pursuing your debtors.

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