90 NINE problems, but a debtor ain’t one.

We understand that if you have resorted to selling your debt, the debtor may be resilient and has been comfortable avoiding their obligations. 

You may have already tried to collect the debt by using a debt collector. You may have engaged a debt collection lawyer. It may have been expensive or ineffective. 

As such, we do not expect the collection of the debt to be easy.

We prefer not to ‘muck around’ with your debtor. 

We want to send a clear message that we are serious. 

As such, our reputation is that we send an initial letter to your debtor and if they do not meaningfully engage to resolve the debt, we commence legal proceedings at Court. 

Once the judgment is obtained we will obtain orders to sell any valuable property that the debtor owns and if that is not sufficient we will bankrupt or liquidate the companies. 

At every stage, we are ready and willing to settle the debt amicably. But the debtor must appreciate that we will not be unduly delayed and as such we must proceed to use the Court processes to collect the debt. 

Apply now to see if we will buy your debts and take over the cost and risk of pursuing your debtors.

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