90 NINE problems, but a debtor ain’t one.

We are aware that many business owners have problems with their accounts receivables. We also know that the traditional approaches of debt collectors and/or debt collection lawyers is not suitable for every situation. 

We provide an alternative to the traditional approach. 

So what are the key benefits to selling your debt as opposed to other options?
These are:

  • Access to our specialist knowledge.
  • Dedicated client manager.
  • Brand protection by your business name is removed from the front page of the proceeding.
  • Certainty. 
  • No hidden set-up fees.
  • No upfront legal costs.
  • Reduced stress from the traditional ‘processes’.
  • No risk.
  • No costs.

The benefits are significant for New Zealand business owners. 

Apply now to see if we will buy your debts and take over the cost and risk of pursuing your debtors.

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