90 NINE problems, but a debtor ain’t one.

Before we will buy your debt, we need to conduct due diligence on the debt and debtor to ensure that the debt is collectable.

Depending on the size of the debt, we may need to conduct a legal analysis of the debt to determine whether we will make you an offer to purchase. 

We may need to assess:

  • The Contract between you and your debtor;
  • The invoices issued to your debtor. 
  • Correspondence that has exchanged between the parties. 

Once we have completed our due diligence, we will make an offer to you. This will be based on our analysis of the cost and risk of pursuing the debtor together with an analysis of the likely recovery. 

Often we conduct this analysis in partnership with our specialist debt collection legal advisors.

If we can both agree on the sale of the debt, we will present you with formal legal documents that implement a legal transfer of the debt to us.

Apply now to see if we will buy your debts and take over the cost and risk of pursuing your debtors.

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