90 NINE problems, but a debtor ain’t one.

We partner with some of the boldest litigation funders in New Zealand to ensure that meritorious claims that have good recovery prospects are pursued and are not left behind because of prohibitive costs. 

We understand that too many good cases are not pursued because of a lack of funding. 

Litigation funders typically fund:

  • The payment of the plaintiff’s litigation costs (including legal and expert costs).
  • Any security for costs.
  • Any onerous cost awards.

In return, the funders we work with receive a percentage of the outcome of each successful case.

To be successful in obtaining litigation funding, it is important that you demonstrate that:

  • You have a good case with good prospects of success. 
  • The defendant in your case is worth suing. Meaning that when successful, they have the ability to pay the judgment. 

Funding is provided on a “no win, no fee” basis.

We work with you to ensure that you get access to justice in any good claims that you have. 

Don’t let the legal and/or legal costs stop a good claim from being progressed.

A share of a recovery is better than no recovery.

Apply now to see if we will buy your debts and take over the cost and risk of pursuing your debtors.

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